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You will need to cut down to the bare minimum when packing clothes, you will need to get used to wearing the same clothes for long periods of time although you will normally be able to wash and dry clothes overnight in most places. Most of Tasmania's caravan parks have excellent laundry facilities. It is advisable to take: 2/3 T-shirts ideally these should be fast drying so that they can easily be dried overnight.

It is important to have at least one long sleeved item of clothing for protection from mosquitoes and the sun/cold and also many hotels or nightclubs in Tasmania will not allow people wearing shorts, jeans, t-shirts or thongs. These can also look smarter than t-shirts. 2 pairs of trousers the most useful type are lightweight cargo style trousers with plenty of pockets.

Ladies might want to substitute a skirt but it is essential to have at least one pair of trousers whilst travelling; don't bring your favourite most expensive ones but a pair of jeans is an extremely hard-wearing and versatile item of clothing.

Swim wear are fairly light and worth taking in case you get the opportunity to go swimming. Men can also double sports shorts as bathers. No matter where you are going a light-weight fleece is essential, this can be layered with other clothes to keep you warm in most climates. It is also worth remembering that Tasmania's weather is very changeable so even during summer it can get cold at night so make sure you pack enough warm clothing.

A rolled up fleece can also double as a pillow if required. It is worth taking 4 or 5 sets of socks and underwear. You will have an opportunity to wash them while you are in Tasmania so it is not worth taking up room bringing loads. Depending on how much bushwalking you intend doing in Tasmania you might want to take a sturdy pair of hiking boots, however only carry hiking boots if they are really necessary though as they take up a lot of space and are quite heavy.

A pair of good quality sandals are essential, they have the advantage of being small and easy to pack and can be quite comfortable for most occasions. Taking a pair of comfy walking shoes such as cross-trainers is also to be recommended if you can fit them in.

Water bottles, it is worth taking a few water bottles to keep yourself hydrated at all times, especially when visiting Tasmania over its summer months from November to April.

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A good sleeping bag is essential when backpacking in Tasmania. Invest in a modern one that can be rolled up very small and that is not very heavy.. At many hostels you will be charged for linen and not all hostels, dormitories or shared backpacker accommodation is also at 5-star quality!

Useful Backpacking Items

photograph tasmania Don't visit Tasmania with your camera to capture the stunning imagery from pristine beaches to stunning wilderness.
backapcking equipment A must for every backpacker, a torch. Invest in a good quality, lightweight torch with long life batteries.
water tasmania You don't want to be carrying around a massive big back all day, especially when staying in 1 location for a longer period. Carry a smaller day pack for ease and convenience.
An iPOD or other portable music player is a must to while away long hours on public transport or to drown out the snoring backpackers in your dormitory.
A notepad is a must to carry when backpacking to both remember and document your travels but to also keey a to do list.

What not to take

  • Don't take a hair dryer, these are big, bulky and in many hostels you wont be able to use them (no socket), if you absolutely must have one take a small travel hairdryer that can fold up.
  • Guide books can be useful but also heavy. If you really need a travel book choose a small pocket type.
  • Don't take anything too valuable or sentimental, lost luggage and theft is all too common these days and you wouldn't want to lose anything that you can't easily replace.
  • Don't take anything that you wouldn't use at home, why would you suddenly start using it when you went away?
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