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Tasmania has backpacker-style accommodation and hostels in major towns around the state, including in and near near national parks.

Tasmania is as easy place to explore if you are travelling with a pack on your back. Distances are quite short, economical bus transport covers most of Tassie's main points of interest, and the local Tasmaian population will go out of their way to help wherever possible. Tasmania's backpacker lodges and youth hostels are great places to meet other travellers and backpackers to share stories and travel ideas.

Accommodation types vary from town to town. Some towns offer dormitory rooms whilst others provide a choice of dormitory, double, twin, bunkhouses and single rooms. In most cases, bathroom and kitchen facilities are shared and you will find communal dining, kitchen and living areas with most places also offering laundry facilities.

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Travel Insurance

Never leave home on holidays without travel insurance. As a backpacker, travel insurance is very important as there is arguably increased risk of having equipment stolen when staying in shared accommodation. Also, the nature of backpacking is hard work as you lug heavy packs for long distances - there is every chance you could get sick or injured so make sure you have that insurance!

Travel light

A backpack is a budget traveller's best friend, but don't pack what you won't require on your extended backpacking holiday. It is uncomfortable carrying around a large and cumbersome pack while trying to find a place to stay. Whatever you think you're missing, you'll certainly be able to buy it on the road or better still simply go without.

New Pack / Old Pack

Thieves are more likley to avoid a backpack that is old, tattered and looks lik eit has gone around the block a few times. They are more likley to go for the brand new backpacks which to the opportunistic thief may appear more liklely to contain cameras, phones or other valuables.

Keep it simple

The basic rule for backpacking is to keep your options only; you're bound to meet new friends on the road, so don't plan your travel arrangements too far in advance. However it is always recommended to book a hostel bed for the first few nights in a new city. Otherewise, take things as they come.

Pack comfortable shoes

Comfortable shoes are an absolute must for the hardy backpacker however they can be heavy, bulky and awkward to carry. Limit what you take, consider just a good pair of lace up boots or cross-trainers for hiking and a casual pair of sandals for lazing around the beach or your hostel. And always pack thongs - they're a must for public showers.

Don't carry too much cash

It is always a good idea not to carry large amounts of cash as this increases the risk of loss or theft. Keep on you only what you need for a couple of days at a time, and store in small denominations and ideally in an invisible money wallet. Most places in Tasmania have cash machines and all places will take debit/credit cards as payment so large amounts of cash are simply not required. And whatever you do, don't keep all your money in the one place.

Be vigilant

Money belts are great for holding your cash and passport, howevr if you are still worried about someone stealing while you sleep or while you socialise with other travellers in communcal areas, keep it in your sleeping bag or tuck it in your pillow case to reduce the likelihood of theft.

Travel Journals

Memories fade with time so keep a travel journal to preserve your memories. These days online blogs are plentiful meaning you may even be able to upload your thoughts, photos and videos every few days in accommodation that has free Internet.

Guide Books

Guide books are populr and an excellent way of learning what a new city or town has to offer. Choose one that is lightweight and fits easily in a shirt or jacket. Plan ahead, you will get more out of your backpacking holiday if you are well organised and clear about what you want to see.

Get online

Family and friends will wnat to keep in touch and know that all is going well. Look for accomodation with free Internet or check out local Internet cafes that offer low rate Internet access. Facebook is a great way of keeping in touch; a quick status update, photo or comment will not only let loved ones know you are safe and well but let people track your progress.



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Backpacking as a lifestyle and as a business has grown considerably in the 2000s as the commonplace of low-cost airlines, hostels or budget accommodation in many parts of the world. Use of the Internet and other digital technologies make planning, executing, and continuing a long-term backpacking trip easier than ever before.

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